Our clients are satisfied and they write about it :

Having used Virtualis’ virtual reality software on a daily basis for over 6 months, my work is greatly facilitated, both in terms of the simplicity of the interface and the large choice of applications which make it easy to adapt to the highly diverse grievances related to visual dependency such as motion sickness. The results that are obtained are surprising, both in terms of speed and stability. Moreover – and this is a genuine asset – the development team is highly responsive and demonstrates ingenuity.
O. Dumas, LYON
Patient feedback is gratifying given the newness of the system and the effectiveness of the proposed exercises. The various optokinetic stimulation modules allow one to vary the exercises. The CinetoRV software application promises a new way to care for patients suffering from height or transport-related ailments. Lastly, the measurement of various upright positions is actually easy to do and fast. The Timothy/Franck team works very well.
P. Combalbert, MARSEILLE
For RVR :

  • Optokinetic stimulation that facilitates the effective triggering of the optokinetic reflex through the entire field of vision and an immediate vection feeling
  • Now, static and dynamic SVV evaluations can easily and quickly be integrated into all of our assessments
  • The optical flow is the visual stimulation that was lacking among the arsenal of vestibular physiotherapy tools
  • Genuine motorway simulation that places the patient in real situations and in total immersion
  • Controlled vision is available for the CTSIB (Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction and Balance) until a controlled platform is available

For CinetoRVR :

  • A comprehensive package for all forms of neurosensory disorganisation: ask about the conflict and you will obtain the most appropriate visual stimulation and… sound stimulation
D. Gerbaulet, TOULOUSE


Customer Satisfaction :

Our commitment : Our customers’ satisfaction

It is with this in mind that we have conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey, which has 2 objectives :

  • To ensure that we comply with our commitments to our users
  • To identify areas for improvement and take into account all of the suggestions we receive (open questions)


The results are very encouraging !

A few examples :


Question 2

Question 14

Question 16

Some things can still be further improved. We have taken into account all the responses, and a majority of the suggestions have already been integrated into the new version that will be available by late February.

In an effort to be fully transparent, the entire study is available here.