Victoria Perez

Victoria Perez

Victoria is the smile of Virtualis

Her extensive experience in the field of Market Studies and Customer Satisfaction Surveys (Commercial Director, Customer Relationship Manager, Director of Quality, Production Manager, Corporate Manager, etc …) provides us with a clear vision of the business strategy we need to remain focused on our clients’ satisfaction.

      Franck Assaban

Franck Assaban

Franck is the founder of Virtualis and its software designer

A physiotherapist specialised in Vestibular Rehabilitation (3 university diplomas in this field*), he is the first therapist to have initiated the development of vestibular rehabilitation software that features a Virtual Reality immersion mask. His presence and numerous speeches at all of the scientific conferences on this topic make him a key software designer.

      Timothee Fonlupt

Timothée Fonlupt

Timothy is the co-founder of Virtualis

With a solid background in real-time 3D production, he is in charge of the technical and visual aspect of software development.
His initial training as a male nurse is a valuable asset for the development of therapeutic software applications.





* Training – Communications (Franck Assaban)

  • Inter-university degree in Functional Balance Rehabilitation, Paris VI (Alain Sémont – Prof. Elisabeth Vitte) 2009
  • Inter-university degree in Vestibular Rehabilitation, Paris VI (Dr. Bernard Cohen – Dr. Michel Toupet) 2010
  • University degree in Sensory Disabilities and Balance Disorder Rehabilitation, Paris VII (Pr. Tran Ba Hui – Prof. Yelnik) 2010
  • Member of the SFKV (French Vestibular Physiotherapy Society)
  • Associate Member of the SIO (International Otoneurology Society)


Scientific communications :

  • Motion Sickness in 2015 – Benefits of Virtual Reality. 49th SIO Symposium – Fez (Morocco) 2015: Cinétoses RV SIO 2015
  • Virtual Reality for the Vestibule. Spring SIO meeting – Mons (Belgium) 2015
  • Benefits of Virtual Reality in Vestibular Rehabilitation. 17th ORL Conference of Nice – 7th Balance Rehabilitation Conference – Nice 2015 : Apports RV vestib. Nice 15
  • Virtual Reality for the Vestibule – Laval Virtual Days, Health & Handicap – Paris 2015
  • Benefits of Virtual Reality in the treatment of Motion Sickness. 48th SIO Symposium  – 10th ESCEBD Symposium – Nancy 2014
  • New approach in the treatment of Motion Sickness – 14th ORL Conference of Nice – 4th Balance Rehabilitation Conference – Nice 2012 : Nouvelle Approche Cinétoses Nice 2012
  • New approach in the treatment of Motion Sickness – 14th SIRV Congress – Marseille 2012
  • New approach in the treatment of Motion Sickness. 45th SIO Symposium – Mondorf-les-Bains – Luxembourg 2011 : Nouvelle approche Cinétoses SIO 2011